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Pampering Pain

Some patients want to be pampered when they're sick or in pain. New research suggests that a little less pampering may be the best medicine.

University of Florida researchers split about 300 chronic pain patients into two groups: one group reported overly-attentive spouses, while the other claimed their significant others were less doting.

The group with pampering spouses reported feeling more pain, they took twice as many heavy painkillers and didn't perform as well in physical movement tests, while most of the group with less supportive mates said they did not need heavy medication.

Florida Researcher Dr. Roger Fillingimover says that a long term pattern of being overly supportive and overly solicitous can actually do more harm than good. He says that doesn't mean quit being supportive of a spouse who is in pain, he just suggests care givers be careful not to do so much that the loved one doesn't make the effort to improve on their own.

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