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New Laser Surgery For Vericose Veins

Leila Hazel, like one in five people, suffers from varicose veins, those twisted, enlarged blue veins that sit just under the skin. Not only are they unsightly but they can be extremely painful and the swelling or itching can become severe enough to need treatment.

Here's how they develop: in your leg, the blood has to flow upward, against gravity. One-way valves prevent the blood from back flowing a pooling. Over time, the valves can fail to close tightly, allow that blood to back flow after all, causing veins to become engorged. Treating the problem often involves major surgery. But now, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a new, non-invasive procedure called Endovascular Laser Venous System or ELVIS for short.

Vascular Surgeon Lowell Kabnick says that the precision laser used for the new ELVIS procedure is so much better than the old procedure was previously used. He says it's quicker, faster and the patients tolerate it much better.

For Leila, laser technology has mean an end to pain and given her the confidence to do what she wants, when she wants.

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