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Confirmed West Nile Cases Jumps in Lubbock County

Since the City of Lubbock Health Department last reported 23 confirmed cases of West Nile Virus August 22, the confirmed case count has risen to 45.

This seemingly dramatic increase does not necessarily mean that our disease burden has increased in our community, but may be artificially inflated by the methods of testing and reporting by the Texas Department of Health and the City of Lubbock Health Department.

There has not been an increase in the number of West Nile associated deaths in the area, which stands at two.

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The City of Lubbock Health Department reminds city and county residents to protect themselves from mosquito bites by adhering to the "4 D's."

  1. Dress: wear long sleeves and pants when out of doors.
  2. Dawn/Dusk: avoid being outside at dawn and dusk as this is when the mosquito is most active at feeding.
  3. DEET: when outside, use an insect repellent containing DEET.
  4. Drain: drain standing water around your home as might be found in tire swings, kiddie pools, or bird baths at least every three days.

Mosquito spraying continues throughout the entire city and portions of the county where virus has been confirmed. Vector Control personnel continue to specifically target special outdoor events with spraying activity. This includes football games and other special outdoor events throughout the county.

If you believe that you have a mosquito problem in your area, call the mosquito hotline at (806) 775-3110 and spraying activities will be increased in your area.

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