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Parking at Tech on Game Day

For thousands of West Texans Saturday, SBC Stadium becomes Mecca, but finding a place to park after your pilgrimage is a challenge unto itself.

Let's break down your options beginning north of the stadium, once an area bustling with commercial activity, now it's a place of wide open spaces. RV alley. Nearly all of the vacant lots north of the stadium are owned by the state as the Texas Department of Transportation prepares the area for the Marsha Sharp Freeway, and yes, you can park there for free. If someone tries to sell you a space tell them to go away, the state owns the land, not them.

Of course, there is one area you want to avoid. "Anything within the black is Hastings," said David Ramirez, manager of Hastings at 4th and University. Their parking lot is lined with orange pylons. If you park there, you will be towed.

Heading to the east you'll see vast expanses of open land, from the air it could be confused for unplanted cotton fields, but it's not it's McDougal's Overton Park Area, a massive scene of re-development where parking is available for $10. All of the proceeds go to the Youth Ministry of Oakwood Baptist Church.

To the west, we notice a large curved region, sandwiched between the stadium and the coliseum, one of two main options, the first being the parking lot immediately adjacent to the stadium, but that's reserved for season pass holders only. Further west we find the commuter parking lot where free shuttles will transport you to the stadium beginning two hours prior to the game.

And finally, to the south, where it's kind of a parking potluck since, obviously, most of the area is consumed by Tech itself. But parking officials say that certain areas will be available, finding them is your job, although the parking garage located on the East side of the freshman dorms is one place guaranteed to fill up fast.

And that is your Texas Tech football parking overview - Enjoy the Game!!!

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