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Lubbock mom uses social media to keep in touch with son in Japan

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Social media is helping one Lubbock mother keep in touch with her son who lives in Japan.

Becky Chauncey got a message in the middle of the night from her son Jeff Day about the massive 8.9 earthquake that rocked Japan. Day, a Lubbock High and Texas Tech graduate, has lived in Japan for the past four years. Initially he went overseas to teach English and fell in love with the country.

Chauncey says like any mother she worried after she got that first message from her son. She waited up all night until she got the next message from her son. He had to evacuate his downtown Tokyo office building immediately and eventually ended up staying there the first night.

"As a mom even though your son is 29 years old you have all the fears even though you teach your kids to spread their wings," said Chauncey. She says her son and his girlfriend both live in Chiba, a town hit hard by the quake. It is about an hour and half north of the capitol.

Chauncey says her son lost contact with his girlfriend and decided he would do whatever it takes to get to her to make sure she was okay. "He started walking to Chiba to find out if she was okay. Luckily right before he set out she was able to contact him. She let him know that she was terrified but that she was okay," added Chauncey.

Her son's apartment was destroyed, but he and his girlfriend are okay. Chauncey asks for prayers for everyone who is suffering in Japan.

Chauncey says her family stays in touch with Jeff using Facebook and Skype.


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