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Men's Health takes issue with Lubbock Facebook/Twitter connections

By James Clark - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - For what it's worth, Men's Health Magazine ranks Lubbock as one of the least connected cities to social media.  In an article released last week on the Men's Health web site, Lubbock is 4th lowest out of 100 cities, behind El Paso, Laredo and Stockton, California.

The magazine claims to have calculated the number of users in each city on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  It then examined web traffic generated from each city to Myspace, Friendster, Reddit, Digg, chat rooms and blogs.

Cities were graded, much like students in school, with those at the top of the list getting an A+ and cities at the bottom of the list getting an F.  The three most connected cities, according to Men's Health are Washington, Atlanta, and Denver.

(CLICK HERE) to see the original article, which includes a link to comment on the Men's Health Facebook page as well as Twitter. 

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