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A Lubbock Man Wanted for Counterfeiting Leads Authorities on High Speed Chase

A Federal fugitive wanted for spreading counterfeit money across town is behind bars Tuesday night. After leading authorities on a 40 minute chase Monday night, Jason Santiago now faces a number of new charges.

Fake money, illegal weapons and drugs were all a part of the chase for Jason Santiago. The 26-year-old plead guilty to the counterfeit charges last month, but after violating his pretrial release, a search of his apartment led to multiple narcotics, and weapons.

U.S. Marshal's have been looking for Jason Santiago since August 18th. Monday night they spotted the suspect, but he fled. Santiago led authorities from three departments on a high speed chase for more than 40 minutes.  When he reached a dead end, Santiago and his passenger took off on foot.

"I was walking down the stairs and I heard all the sirens and stuff and my wife said baby there he is go get him. And I seen some guy running through over here and I just ran after him and caught him," said area resident Jason Boker.

A K-9 unit also assisted in the arrest of both Santiago and his passenger. "We searched the car, of course it was taken into custody and inside we found a sawed off shotgun, we called the sheriff's office to bring out the other dog and he found the loaded 9 millimeter that apparently he'd ditched while running," said David Mead, a Deputy U.S. Marshal.

Two illegal weapons in the fugitives possession. Authorities with the U.S. Marshal's office believe Santiago ran because he was high on drugs, and feared the new charges.

According to the Secret Service, Jason Santiago wasn't making the money but he has been peddling it all over town. 10's, 20's, 50's and 100 dollar bills, as a matter of fact, the day he was arrested he had $850 on him all of $50 counterfeits.

The U.S. Secret Service will continue looking for the Hispanic man printing the money here in Lubbock, but they are also glad to get any of his partners off the street.

The Secret Service encourages anyone with information leading to the printer of this counterfeit money to call (806) 472-7347. Rewards are given if your tip leads to the arrest of this person.

Meantime, two other people were arrested as part of this chase, for harboring a fugitive, narcotics and evading arrest. All three are in jail, awaiting arraignment.

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