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Lubbock Group Says No to Proposition 12

This month, thousands of Texans will head to the polls to decide whether Texas will limit awards in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Those for Proposition 12 say it is needed to cut down on frivolous lawsuits. Opponents though fear Proposition 12 could open the door to similar action on other kinds of cases, including drunk driving cases and negligence suits against companies.

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The representatives who gathered Wednesday are part of a statewide effort to defeat Proposition 12, which they believe allows politicians to interfere with the constitutional right of all Texans.

Norma Wood of the AARP says members of the medical profession need to be held accountable for any mistakes. "One of the few things that kept nursing homes accountable for their action was the threat of lawsuit. We don't want this to become just the cost of doing business so elderly residents in nursing homes really have fewer protections than they did before this bill was passed."

Proposition 12 is among 22 other amendments on the September 13 ballot.

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