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Low Enrollment Numbers Cost LISD State Funding

Enrollment at the Lubbock Independent School District has been declining over the years but this year they are facing a considerable drop in numbers. LISD administrators are looking at almost double the loss they were expecting and that means a lot less money from the state.

Is it a dwindling economy? Demographics? Or are kids just moving out of the area? Those are just a few of the questions administrators at LISD are trying to answer to explain their low enrollment.

"We've looked at the trend of what's happened to this area the past several years and so we'd planned to be down students. 200 students less from year to year to year, changing the number some. However remember it's all based upon projections and we can project some things and some things we can not project," said LISD Deputy Superintendent Ann Graves.

Graves said this year they projected to lose 200 students, and adjusted their budget accordingly. But they're down almost 400 students. That means the District loses money from the State and from less families paying property taxes. Overall the District receives about $4,200 per student, this year that means the District will be losing about $756,000. A big number, but in actuality it's less than one half of one percent of their income.

"We are going to be adjusting our budgets to accommodate that in the best way we can. And what I mean by that is that we buy supplies and materials for a certain number of students and we have teachers for a certain number of students and so as we can over time as we have resignations we'll adjust our budget so it won't have a huge impact," says Art Miller, Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services of LISD.

LISD says they can absorb this loss because they were well prepared and they say that's key for the future. LISD Administrators say the majority of students they lost have moved to other schools in this region. This years enrollment is about 28,500 students.

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