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Food for Thought Report 9.4

We start at Evans Junior High at 4211 58th Street. They get one critical violation. Thermometers were not properly calibrated, they were re calibrated on site. The report shows the violation was corrected on site.

Next it's Waters Elementary at 3006 78th Street. They get two critical violations. Sanitizer for wiping cloths were found at improper concentration levels. Thermometers were not properly calibrated, they were re-calibrated on site. The report shows both violations were corrected on site.

Food for Thought 9.4
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 9/4/03.
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Now on to the Top Performing restaurants.

The Chinese Kitchen at 5308 Slide Road is the leader of the pack this time with zero critical violations, making them a Food for Thought Top Performer. General Manager Jin Shieh says keeping a clean and safe restaurant has been a priority here for years. "We have been open almost 25 years, the Chinese Kitchen, so we always keep it clean, everything," says Shieh.

Mr. Shieh says a hardworking staff that works as a team is an important part of business here everyday, to get the job done and make customers happy.

Now for two Top Performing pizza places. Domino's at 5815 82nd Street tosses up perfection with zero critical violations. And Papa John's at 5206 82nd Street is another slice of perfection, with no critical violations.

Our only Low Performer this time is Casa Ole' at 7020 Quaker with four critical violations.

  • Guacamole was found at 53 degrees and raw chicken was found at 51 degrees. Cold foods must be found at 41 to 45 degrees or cooler.
  • Chicken was found at 85 degrees and steak was found at 85 degrees. Hot foods must be kept at 140 degrees or warmer.
  • A reach in cooler was found holding at an improper temperature of 52 degrees.
  • Two spray bottles were found no labels.

The Manager at Casa Ole' told NewsChannel 11 everything had been corrected and they are good to go. The District Manager told me the restaurant is under new management and they have had a lot of turnover, and they are working very hard, keeping cleanliness and safety as a top priority.

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