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NewsChannel 11 Joins the Battle of the Workplace Bulge

You've heard the warning many times HealthWise, that two thirds of adults in this country are either overweight or obese. What you may not know is that more and more companies today are taking notice and trying to address a fatter workforce by helping employees trim down. Now, NewsChannel 11 is joining the effort. Weight Watchers approached us with the idea and one week later, we lined up, ready for the challenge.

You know Tye King, a Sports Reporter at NewsChannel 11. He proudly stepped up, one of 21 employees here who's decided it's time to drop some pounds. Elaine has every right to be the one to secretly record Tye's numbers because she's lost 54 pounds herself.

They all lined up in their bare feet, some people you may know at NewsChannel 11, familiar folks who'd like to narrow the road between face and feet. So, every Thursday, we're changing our tv studio into a Weight Watchers class.

The instructor name is Kim. She has bragging rights too after she lost 20 pounds. The Weight Watcher way doesn't count caloires or fat grams. As we learned, every food has a point value and every person has their own ladder of points they can climb. Nothing is off limits as long as you count the points and adjust accordingly.

So, keep your eye on NewsChannel 11 and see if we slim down over the next 12 weeks. Of course, with Ashley's honeymoon coming up soon, she's already asking for special privileges. "When you get back, you'll do real good. You get that week off," Kim says. Weight Watchers is forgiving like that because it lets you plan around special occasions with some damage control.

The idea is lose it slow and steady, up to and no more than two pounds a week. So, we'll update you every so often on how much we're losing here at NewsChannel 11.

If you'd like to know more about bringing Weight Watchers into your office (click here).

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