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Male Breast Reduction

It is an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition for millions of men called Gynocomastia, the scientific name for enlarged breasts in men. It can be genetic, hormonal, or it can be caused by obesity or certain drugs like steroids. Just like some women undergo breast reduction surgery, men are learning that it can be the perfect solution for them as well.

In most cases, all it takes is liposuction to remove the fatty tissue in the breasts. Sometimes, if the glands are enlarged, the surgery is a little more extensive.

Dr. Mauro Romita, cosmetic surgeon, says there is a significant medical reason to eliminate active glandular tissue. If there is a significant amount, the incidence of breast cancer is certainly there. It is less than in women because they don't have the same volume of estrogen, but it's still a potential risk.

Plastic surgeons here in Lubbock tell me that more and more men are coming in for breast reduction surgery. Insurance is likely to cover it if the glands are enlarged and there is a medical risk. The cost is from $4,000 to $5,000, or more if liposuction is needed.

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