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Foul Odor Leads Police to Largest Meth Bust in Garza County History

Garza Co. Sheriff Dept. Garza Co. Sheriff Dept.

Around 6:15 Saturday morning, the Garza County Sherriff's Department was called to a house in Post after receiving a phone call from an area resident. "We received a complaint approximately 3 a.m. it was several blocks away the residents were smelling a foul odor," says Garza Co. Sheriff, Kenneth Ratke.

Officers responded to the call, and traced the odor back to this house just two blocks away from the high school. After obtaining a search warrant, the Sheriff's Department and the South Plains Regional Narcotics Task Force, raided the house and found a large amount of meth amphetamine and a meth lab in a shed behind the house. "Seized appoximately 200 to 400 grams of methamphetamines by products, chemicals operating lab," says Ratke. 

40-year-old Steven Lee Curb was arrested and is being held in the Garza County jail for a felony escape charge and faces several others. Curb was arrested in Post early Saturday morning and could face charges including possession and manufacturing of a controlled substance.

Javier Ramos lives across the street and was shocked to learn about the bust. "We didn't know, it caught us by surprise we didn't know at all., it's a problem especially around the school," says Ramos. But the sherriff's office says they've had their suspicions about Curb in the past.

"The suspect that we have under arrest had been under suspicion for awhile, residents in this area don't want to go into specifics on that but we received several complaints fom this area and had been watching him for a little while," says Ratke. 

The Garza County Sheriff's office says curb has faced drug charges in the past. If found guilty, Curb could face up to 99-years in prison for felony drug charges.

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