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Food for Thought Report 3.24

LUBBOCK,TX (KCBD) - A customer's complaint about getting sick after eating at a Lubbock restaurant prompts an investigation by the health department that lands the facility on the low performer list.

When a customer makes a complaint about a restaurant, the health department takes it  seriously.

So when three people said they got food poisoning from the restaurant inside Broadway Beverage at 1713 East Broadway, inspectors immediately checked out their claim.

"Somebody had called them because they ate a sandwich, and about an hour later got sick. The inspector told me... they were traveling through town, and she didn't really didn't think it was because of us, but there's no way to know that for sure," co-owner Stewart Hicks told us.

Health inspectors took food samples to try to figure out what could have made the customers sick.

They also performed a routine inspection.

"The latest inspection - we failed on a few accounts," he said.

Stewart invited us into their kitchen to explain their 7 critical violations.

  • "Some of our hot hold wasn't hot enough; the thermostat had gotten turned down on our hot hold out there.
  • One of our refrigerators was a little bit high as far as the cold hold. So we fixed that.
  • She wanted thermometers in all of those (refrigerators). So, we got new thermometers for everything."
  • A towel was on the edge of a hand sink.
  • A plastic cup was used to scoop ice.
  • Food items did not have expiration dates.
  • There was no cold water at a hand sink.

"We fixed everything, and Wednesday she gave us a green light," Stewart said. "We're good to go."

While their meats are actually smoked somewhere else, and only the sandwich and wraps are made at the restaurant, Stewart says their customers are their top priority.

"We do everything we can to make sure the food's good and everything, you know? If you're hungry come try a sandwich."

There's also good news to serve up this week; a dozen restaurants made the top of the list:

Amigos United Supermarket at 112 N. University Ave.

Applebee's at 4025 S. Loop 289

Applebee's at 6501 4th St.

Burger King at 5401 N. MLK Blvd.

Burger King at 4202 82nd St.

Pizza Hut at 5401 N MLK Blvd.

Sonic Drive In at 4401 4th St.

Sports Grill & Bar PM at 1211 University Ave.

Sugarbakers at 4601 S. Loop 289

Taco Bell/Pizza Hut at 5111 82nd St.

United Market Street at 3405 50th St.

United Supermarket at 401 Slide Road

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