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Missing Colorado City teen's uncle accuses mom's boyfriend; he denies allegations

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As the search for missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn continues, her uncle has some harsh words for the former live-in boy of Hailey's mom.  Speaking on an Internet radio program last Wednesday, Richy Cooper says, in his opinion, Shawn Adkins played a role in Hailey's disappearance. 

"God help you, man," Cooper said of Adkins.  "The train is coming and you're standing on the tracks, buddy."

Adkins is described as a person of interest by law enforcement in Hailey's disappearance.  Hailey was reported missing in the last week of December.  Adkins has not been charged, but Hailey's mom, Billie Jean Dunn, was arrested more than a week ago for lying to officers about Adkins' whereabouts.   

Law enforcement has said that officers found evidence of child pornography on a computer owned by Adkins' mother.  Again, no charges have been filed, and Adkins denies that it's his.

Cooper says Hailey was scared of Adkins.  "If she were sitting with me right now she would probably say, 'Yeah, he gives me the creeps.'"

When asked what happened to Hailey, Cooper had trouble finding his words.  He was able to finally say, "I think Shawn [Adkins] did it."  Cooper never said the words murdered or killed but he says that he thinks Adkins, "Ended her." 

"I pray that I'm wrong."

Adkins denied any involvement in Hailey's disappearance when he was interviewed on the very same Internet radio program "Bring Them Home Now" on March 4th.

Cooper defends Billie Jean to some extent saying, "She's never been the red-eyed demon that people think she is." 

"She's never been, in my opinion, negligent of her children."  But Cooper's defense only goes so far.  He said on the Internet radio show that he thinks Billie knows more than she's telling. 

Why won't Billie come forward?  "Fear," Cooper says.  "I firmly believe she's afraid of him [Adkins]," Cooper says. 

Cooper lives out-of-state.  He last saw the Dunn family during Christmas weekend in Colorado City just days before Hailey was reported missing.  Cooper is related by marriage to Hailey's biological father. 

"I mean, I'm hoping right now that my wife breaks in and tells me that, excuse me, that Hailey is standing on the door step," Cooper said as he was on the verge of crying. 

Cooper said of Hailey's biological father Clint Dunn, "He's become stronger than I could ever hope to become on my best day.  And this has got him on his knees." 

Cooper says Clint is out doing all the things you might expect a worried parent to do in such a circumstance.  For example, Clint has been traveling the state, handing out fliers of Hailey's picture and he's been actively involved in search parties.

By contrast Cooper is perplexed by what he sees as a lack of emotional response by Billie.  Cooper says he's learned from other family members that Billie put up new curtains and painted Hailey's room after her disappearance. 

"People close to me in this situation are just, I mean, they're pulling their hair out. I mean, what are you doing?"

Adkins is facing an even tougher question: "Do you know where Hailey is?" 

"No, I don't," Adkins said on the Internet radio program.  

When asked why he's been named a person of interest, Adkins responded, "Because, I'm the last one that seen her."

"She's not scared of me," Adkins said.  "Me and Hailey were good friends."

"She knows I'm afraid of grasshoppers.  She chases me around with grasshoppers.  She just really has a good sense of humor." 

Adkins' theory of Hailey's disappearance is in sharp contrast to Cooper's.  "I believe somebody abducted her.  I feel in my heart she might still be alive."

"As far as my mom's computer, I found out there was child pornography and bestiality on there.  It came to me as a total shock.  I couldn't believe it.  I'm still having a hard time believing it."

Audio of both interviews can be found at http://www.bringthemhome.net/

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