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Security Changes at LIA Stay Strong

Since the terrorist attacks on America two years ago, we've seen numerous changes at Lubbock International Airport, but these days things seem to be running smoothly. "Security wise, I think things are running smoother than they've ever run," says Interim Aviation Director John McGinley.

McGinley says once the Transportation Security Administration took over, the chaos ended. "As we went thru transitions to get the proper screening in place, we went through a lot of changes in a short time. So at times it was chaotic. But all in all the TSA staff has done a wonderful job," says McGinley and passengers agree.

"I think it's gotten a lot better, I think the process is quicker. And I think everybody understands what your supposed to do and not do," said John Owen, traveler.

"It hasn't been frustrating really, at first it was but now I'm used to it. You have to get here a little earlier but that's ok," says Brandy Tatum, passenger.

The most recent physical change is the luggage screeners, every checked bag goes through a detailed search before it's loaded on the plane. "What I have heard from the passengers going through is better security, better service and many expressing how pleased they are with that," Jim Holden, Federal Security Director, TSA.

In the last two years we've seen National Guardsmen on point, cars searched in the parking lot and long lines to get through security. Now, the security system is set and the passengers have adjusted, so traveling isn't such a hassle. As for September 11th, all airlines are expecting their regular Thursday traveler's, in other words it'll be business as usual.

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