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Food for Thought Report 3.31


Food for Thought this week begins with a little visit to Vietnam: Saigon Café Too at 4515 50th does it again. They're a multiple repeat top performer. 

Next, we head inside Covenant Medical Center to find another repeat top performer. Chick-Fil-A cooks up a perfect score.

And finally, the light leads us to our last stop. The Lantern Tavern at 3502 Slide shines as a first time top performer.

"It feels great!" bartender Joe Kleypas say, "We're a fairly new business, so something positive of this nature feels great."

This is the pub and grill's second inspection. Kleypas says they took what they did the first time and made it a little better.

"Just some good attention to detail and learn from couple of mistakes we made in our first round," he said. "We did fairly well, but this year we learned from a couple of mistakes and got all those taken care of."

So if you're looking for a stop to grab a cold drink and hot food, Joe says come on in or stay outside and enjoy the patio.

"We are a kind of an upper-end draft house. We have great pizzas, top-end gourmet burgers and feature a lot of good unique appetizers. We feature 18 beers on tap and have one of the largest liquor selections in Lubbock."

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