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HealthWise at 5 From 9.10

  • Underage Drinking

A new government report calls for tougher alcohol laws both for minors who drink and for adults who provide alcohol. The Institute of Medicine is calling on advertisers and the entertainment industry to strengthen guidelines for the style in which alcohol consumption is presented in commercials, tv programs, movies and music. The report asks that this be a factor even in deciding how material is rated. This because government statistics show that in the last ten years, alcohol consumption among teens is still high and teen drinking is involved in nearly a third of all fatal car crashes.

The report recommends an increase in alcohol excise taxes to pay for a national awareness campaign. It also calls on the alcohol industry, and public and private agencies to fund a non-profit foundation focused on alcohol prevention. The report was requested by Congress and compiled by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, part of the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Collagen Wound Care

Fixing a wound with gelatin? It's a possibility with a collagen-based wound sealant that's both flexible and strong. Researchers at Texas A&M University have found that a mixture of collagen and other ingredients improves healing time in soft-tissue wounds by about 50%. They say the wound sealant, which is still in tests, could offer an inexpensive alternative to frequent wound cleanings. Diabetics who suffer from slow healing sores are one group that may benefit from this wound treatment in the future.

  • Internet and Grades

A new study finds that kids who spend time online actually improve their school performance. Michigan State University researchers say text-based web pages require kids to read more. That additional reading time leads to bumped-up grade point averages and better standardized reading results. But we're not talking about computer games, the kids in this study were online about a half-an-hour a day, and primarily used for schoolwork.

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