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One soldiers dream walk across America

One soldiers dream walk across America

Thomas Trujillo is walking across America on a 3,000 mile journey to help soldiers, disabled and homeless veterans.

"To get our nonprofit's name known nationwide by the general public, that's my main goal," Trujillo said. His nonprofit organization is called One Soldiers Dream and he is hoping the public will notice. "I am almost at the halfway point and I started exactly 2 months ago today," he continued.

"I am doing this walk to help my fellow soldiers and their families during the tough times of deployment.  After two deployments, I am fully aware of the difficulties that arise during deployment, and how these circumstances directly affect the soldiers and their families.  Never before has a nonprofit organization been formed to bridge the entire gap of everything that is missing in order to take care of our frontline soldiers, their families back home, and disabled or homeless veterans.  I am asking for the support of the American people. If you support the military members, please support me now, so I can make things right. I also ask for your prayers and God speed in completing this large task at hand," Trujillo said.

His trip began February 1st at the Santa Monica Pier and will end in Washington, DC. "Today I'm up against 20 to 30 mph winds, so it feels like I'm getting nowhere."

For the first 700 miles Trujillo says he carried a 60 lb backpack, "but the towns are so far apart in Texas and New Mexico, I switched to this 3 wheel runner with 16 inch 10 speed wheels."

He carries water bottles, a tent, sleeping bag and shovel in his 3 wheel runner. He says he has already gone through several pairs of shoes and faced some obstacles. "I did get stung by something on my left ankle people think it was a scorpion," Trujillo said.

Trujillo met a fellow runner along the way, Regis and Kelly's Dean Carnasus who is also walking across America. "Yup, he's got two tour buses and three chaser vehicles and sometimes a helicopter, I don't have anything but me," Trujillo explained.

With no entourage he says the open road can be tough. "Its very lonely out here, in extreme solitude but you kind of reevaluate your life and it will change you all the way down to your soul."

Although he's got a long way to go Trujillo is not focused on the destination but the journey.

"It's tough but I'm not a quitter and when I succeed were going to help a lot of soldiers and their families."

Petty Officer Trujillo is a two-consecutive tour war veteran, spending both tours in Iraq and at the Iraq/ Kuwait border vehicle check point. He has a total of 14 years combined service; 6 years active duty with the US Air Force, and 8 years duty US Naval Reserve.  

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