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Cigarette butt cause of Burger King fire


Employees and customers were forced out of the Burger King at 4202 82nd St. after a fire started shortly after 2 p.m. Saturday. 

Matthew Aaron Pope was on his way to get a burger when he spotted the flames and ran to neighboring businesses for help. Pei Wei, Fox and Hound, and Day Break Coffee all answered the call for help.

"There were big flames I mean, the flames were like six or seven feet high and then the roof caught on fire and everything was just smoking and it was pretty bad," Pope said.

At one point smoke and flames were visible from the restaurant. Multiple crews were on the scene and the fire marshal's office confirmed that the cause of the fire was from a cigarette butt that was thrown on the ground which sparked a flame that then traveled to the roof and the attic of Burger King.  Firefighters had to use a chain saw to expose the attic in order to put out the hidden flames and hot spots. No one was injured.

A Burger King manager on the scene told KCBD NewsChannel 11 that they will have to close down for at least three to four weeks to make repairs. They are making plans to move their employees to other restaurants until this location opens again.

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