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Gonzales Faces Possible Capital Murder Charges Thursday

Joe Gonzales was the driver in the ATM murder of Texas Tech student Colin Schafer. Joe's cousin, Gabriel Gonzales has already been convicted for being the lethal shooter in this case.

The jury will have to decide if Joe Gonzales is guilty of capital murder, which has a maximum of life in prison. Murder or aggravated robbery which both carry a 5 to 99 year sentence.

The prosecution told NewsChannel 11 today (Wednesday), they're pushing capital murder for Joe Gonzales. But the defense will plea to the jury, Joe is not guilty of murder.

Today (Wednesday), the defense spoke to the jury about Gabriel Gonzales's voluntary statement he gave to police eight days after Schafer was killed. Gabriel confessed to shooting Colin and that his cousin, Joe didn't do anything wrong.

However, in Joe Gonzales's voluntary statement to police that same day, Joe admitted to driving his cousin to find someone to rob the morning of August 14th, 2002. Joe admitted to not stopping his cousin as he kidnapped Schafer from the driveway of a house. Joe admitted to not calling police after the shooting.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with Joe's mother thWednesday afternoon, and she said she didn't know what her son had done and if she would have known, she said she would have turned Joe in herself.

It's a very hard time for both families. On one hand, justice for Colin Schafer and his family and a young man who has made choices that put him in this courtroom.

Closing arguments begin Thursday morning, at the Lubbock County Courthouse.

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