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The Liquid Band-Aid: Does It Work?

Meet mechanic Ralph Gonzalez. He's been working for Frank Brown for more than 20 years and he's had more than his share of cuts on his hands. "This was done yesterday," Ralph said as he showed a pretty good scrape on his wrist. "And today, before you came to work, you made sure you had a band-aid on it?" NewsChannel 11 asked him "Oh yeah, I always try to wear a band-aid to keep it clean," he said.

This is his first time to try The Liquid Band-Aid, the new way to wear this clear band-aid that's supposed to keep out dirt, germs and water.

The package comes with ten applicators and a small bottle of liquid protection. You put a total of four drops on the applicator and rub it on the wound. "It didn't sting. It wasn't cold," he said.

We to let it dry for one minute. It felt as though a seal had been formed. But to Ralph and me, it looks like it might need another coat. So we applied more of the liquid and waited for it to dry. It felt a little sticky.

After it dried, we put the Liquid Band-Aid to the test by putting it under running water. "It's repelling the water," Ralph noticed. "So what do you think? I know you're a mechanic and you probably need a little more protection that the Liquid Band-aid. But for the average 'Joe?'" asked NC 11.

"It would be enough protection to keep it from getting infected," Ralph said.

You heard it works!

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