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Sonja Childers Recant's Confession

Day two of the Sonja Childers trial, marked with riveting testimony from the defendant recanting her confession to the crime.

Taking the stand first, the Chief of the Wolfforth police department, reading aloud Childer's confession. Question, "Have you been involved in a sexual relationship with the 12-year-old boy?" Answer, "Yes." Question, "How many times did you have sex?" Answer, "Three."

But then, at 3:35, Childers takes the stand in her own defense, immediately disavowing her statement, saying she never had sex with the boy, that her confession was under duress from the Chief of Police, that he threatened her with 99 years in jail if she didn't confess.

From the defense, "Have you ever had sex with the boy?" Answer, "No." Question, "Why did you say three times?" Answer, "I don't know, three is my favorite number, and I didn't think saying one would be accepted."

On the stand for an hour and a half, the mood in gallery was one of extreme skepticism. Thursday, Childers comes under fire from the prosecution.

The defense is relying on the fact that there is no independent, stand-alone evidence of the sexual relationship, other than the confessions of Sonja Childers and the 12-year-old victim.

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