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LPD: Suspect shot woman during possible attempted burglary in Southwest Lubbock


Authorities continue the search for two suspects accused of attacking a woman in her Lubbock home. Meanwhile, the victim remains hospitalized with a gun-shot wound to her the leg.

Lubbock police say 55-year-old Debbie Hill was attacked when she arrived home, entered her garage and interrupted a possible burglary inside her Southwest Lubbock home.

Hill was crying and screaming as EMS took her by stretcher to UMC, from her home at the 5900 block of 72nd Street. "I'm just shocked that something like that would happen in this neighborhood," Hill's neighbor, Connie Moore said.

Moore lives just a few doors down from hill and she says she cant believe that this happened so close to her home. "It's very frightening, this is a quiet neighborhood. Many of us are home all the time," Moore continued.

Authorities say hill reported she was attacked by two Hispanic men in ski masks and hoodies.

"A struggle ensued in the residence and at some point during the altercation she was shot," Sgt. Jonathan Stewart said.

Officials say Hill called 911 herself and the call lasted 9 minutes."From the nature of the call it sounded as though the subjects were still in the house and she was yelling at somebody," Stewart explained.

Stewart says officials believe that before the 911 call ended the suspects had fled the home.

With two suspects on the loose and the only description being two Hispanic males in ski masks, Hill's neighbors are scared. "I'm keeping my doors locked and keeping a close eye on my backyard," Gary Yates said. Most of the people in the area say its normal for them to enter their homes through the garage. "That's how I go in all the time," Yates continued.

Connie Moore says she will be changing that routine. "I want the gun where I can get to it if I need to so I mean its scary it is," Moore said.

Moore also says she'll be more aware of her surroundings because this situation was just to close for comfort.

"You hear it on the news all the time but when it happens in your neighborhood its scary," Moore said.

Investigators say Debbie Hill, is about 55-years-old and she spotted the men in her garage and that's when they attacked and shot her. The suspects are described as two men wearing ski masks and black sweatshirts. They were spotted running away from the house in the 5900 block of 72nd Street.

Hill was taken to University Medical Center with serious injuries.

Police are canvassing the area searching for the two men. If you saw anything or may have seen the two men call CrimeLine at 741-1000 or you can submit tips online at www.lubbockpolice.com

KCBD NewsChannel 11 will continue to follow this investigation and the search for the suspects.

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