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Jury Decides Guilty Verdict for Joe Gonzales

After four and a half hours of deliberating, the jury in the capital murder case of Joe Gonzales found the defendant guilty of capital murder. 20-year-old Joe Gonzales was given a life sentence with a chance to appeal his case.

After the verdict was read, Colin Schafer's father, Scott Schafer, gave a statement to Gonzales saying, "If Adolph Hitler can be forgiven for his sins, so can you. He doesn't have to go to hell. He can be where my son is. And that's an important message for everyone to hear. But it's a little bit hard to preach to someone who's a murderer. I just spoke what God put in my heart to say," added Schafer.

Gonzales was the driver the morning Texas Tech student Colin Schafer was killed at the automated teller machine on 50th and Slide Streets on August of last year.

Gabriel Gonzales is the convicted shooter, but under Texas law, Joe Gonzales's involvement made him just as guilty.

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