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Lubbock First Responders Talk About 9/11

Events began Thursday morning with a memorial ceremony and First Responders tribute. This ceremony was designed to bring special recognition to the victims of September 11th. And to pay tribute to First Responders here in Lubbock, and across the South Plains.

NewsChannel 11 asked local First Responders for their impressions since the tragic events of 9/11.

Royce Ethridge, District Chief, Lubbock Fire Department, "It changed our lives, forever, lost our innocence as to the way we look at things and the way we do our jobs."

Tom Mann, Assistant Chief, Lubbock Police Department, "I think First Responders, like all citizens, are more suspicious now, of everything. With that suspicion, we're more cautious. We look around more probably, than we did before 9/11. And I think we're more appreciative of everything we have, and all of our freedoms. That's the difference I see."

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