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Parents of 9-11 Baby Express Mixed Emotions

It may be years before 2-year-old Braden Fillingim fully understands the importance of his birthday, but for his parents, Kristen and Scott, September 11th is a day that will always be filled with mixed emotions.

"It's a hard reminder of, you still have some of the same that's the day my kid was born, but all these other people died," says Kristen Fillingim, Braden's mother.

Both Kristen and Scott Fillingim celebrate 2-year-old Braden's birthday today with feelings of sadness and joy at the Legacy Play Village. They'll never forget where they were when they heard the tragic news two years ago, on what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives.

"We were packing bags and whatever, had the TV on and all of the sudden they cut out the local stuff and showed one of the towers on fire," says Braden's dad, Scott.

And after that they say the rest of the day was a blur. Kristen gave birth to Braden around 5pm in the afternoon at Covenant. Scott and Kristen say the amount of joy they felt was hard to put into words, but expressing their sorrow for those who died came first.

"I felt kind guilty because it's suppose to be the happiest day of your life to have a kid and all these people were dying and it's hard too. I felt guilty because I was having such a happy day, but all those other people were losing their family," says Kristen.

And two years later, the Filligims are filled with pride. Pride for their country which faced an unforgettable hardship and changed for the better.

"The day after everybody was just an American, you know, politics, religion, race, whatever they didn't care all that was important is we were all Americans," says Scott.

And in the years to come little Braden will understand how important 9-11, his birthday, is to all Americans. Kristen and Scott Filligim saved all the newspaper clippings from September 11th and plan to use them to help tell Braden the tragic story.

The Filligims have more good news, they are expecting their second child this coming February.

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