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McDonald's National Hiring Day could benefit Lubbock economy

McDonald's has announced it will hire 50,000 people nationwide for the first time in just one day on April 19th, it's called "National Hiring Day".

The company attributes the new hires to indications of an improved economic outlook. They plan to hire about 5 people per restaurant.

"50% of our owner/operators started their McDonald's career as a crew person. So coming in on National Hiring Day it isn't about getting a job for the temporary, it's about starting your career," said Lisa Morris, McDonald's Spokesperson.

Last year McDonald's sales grew by 3.9%. According to the Department of Commerce, U.S. sales grew by 2.6%. That's why McDonald's plans to beef up the workforce and put a new look on the "McJob".

"On a nationwide basis, we'll spend about $1.4 million dollars a day on the training of our new hires throughout the coming year," said Morris.

Lisa Morris knows firsthand working at McDonald's leads to opportunity.

"McDonald's is a career. It started out as a crew person for me years ago and it has grown for me to be the career that I have supported myself and put my children through college with," said Morris.

The average pay for an employee is more than $8.00 per hour, where the federal minimum wage is just below that at $7.25. McDonald's has more than 650,000 employees in the nation and 1.7 million worldwide. The company said the new hires will generate money for the economy.

"That's more than $43.3 million in U.S. communities that we spend on average. So about $0.47 cents of every dollar that we bring in, is re-spent in the communities through our employees, our workforce and our suppliers and venders," said Morris.

Job seekers looking to work underneath the golden arch can apply in the coming days to become part of the Chicago-based fast food giants, which has 14,000 stores nationwide, 23 in Lubbock County. If hired, the person could become a manager, which can lead to higher education.

"Our training programs are accredited for college credit. And a manger can earn up to 23 college credit hours to use toward a 2 to 4 year college degree program," said Morris.

This ambitious campaign will generate $3.5 million a day in consumer spending nationwide.

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