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HealthWise At 5 for 9.12

  • Tea Warning

The FDA is asking consumers to avoid teas containing an ingredient called Star Anise. Teas containing this substance have been associated with illness in 40 people, including 15 infants. Although it's not marketed this way, some people are buying teas that contain Star Anise as a home remedy to help soothe babies with colic. Luckily, all the patients with bad reactions have recovered.. But that's after some pretty scary symptoms, ranging from seizures to vomiting and rapid eye movement. There are actually two versions of Star Anise. One is a commonly available Chinese version, which is considered safe by the FDA. But it's the Japanese variety of Star Anise that is widely recognized as toxic and should be used only for decorative purposes.

  • PTSD and Paxil

A widely used anti-depressant is showing promising results in people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. In a year long study at Emory University School of Medicine, researchers found that Paxil significantly reduces the three main symptoms of PTSD: re-experiencing the traumatic event, avoidance and emotional numbing and hyper arousal at inappropriate times. People with PTSD often suffer from some memory loss and trouble with concentration. The study also found that Paxil may help reverse memory loss and increase the patients' ability to learn and concentrate. The study will be published in the October 1st issue of Biological Psychiatry.

  • Food Pyramid Change

Say goodbye to the Food Pyramid as we know it. The USDA is beginning the process of redesigning the pyramid to make it easier for consumers to use. The new thinking is that the Food Pyramid should factor in the varying needs of people at different ages and with different activity levels. But you have your chance to vote on how food should stack up in the re-building of this pyramid. Consumers can submit written comments about changes in the food pyramid to:

Food Pyramid Reassessment USDA Center For Nutrition
3101 Park Center Drive Room 1034
Alexandria, VA 22302

You can read more about the proposed changes online. Just ( click here).

The government says any comments need to be sent the old fashioned way, by mail, and not e-mail. The Food Guide Pyramid was developed in 1992 as a tool to help consumers follow the USDA's dietary guidelines for Americans.

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