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Seagraves girl is national powerlifting champion


In a sport typically dominated by boys, a Seagraves High School girl broke several national powerlifting records this year.

Pound for pound, 18-year-old Andrea Cazares lifted more than anyone else in her weight class and now she has her eye on collegiate competition.

She joined the team as a freshman.

"I went to the powerlifting coach's room and whenever I walked in he laughed at me because I'm girly and I had my glittery flats and he just started laughing. He didn't really take me serious," Cazares said.

It wasn't long before the coach and everyone else took Andrea seriously. She went to the state meet her freshman year, but that was as far as she'd go.

"I was doing my best on the dead lift, which is the last lift. You get three chances and I missed all three so I bombed out."

"She truly and genuinely loves the sport and enjoys the sport and relishes the sport and really works at it," said her coach, Jamie Humphries.

Her experience at state only pushed Andrea more.

"Whenever that happened to me at state it crushed my heart and I worked harder, so all summer long I lifted every day," she said.

Andrea won state every year after her 2nd place finish as a freshman. This year she set her sights on becoming the national champion.

Powerlifting consists of three separate categories: squatting, benching, and lifting the deadweight. At the national meet Andrea lifted more than 1,000 pounds between all three. She broke two national records and placed first at the national tournament.

"I am 4'10" and a half, I weigh 125 pounds and I squatted 415 pounds," she said.

Andrea is running out of room for her trophies. She beat out every girl in Texas from her weight class this year. At nationals she lifted just as much as the top boy. "My goal is to always beat the boys," she laughed.

"A lot of times she competes against the guys because she wins a lot of these events fairly easily," Humphries said.

She's been invited to Canada for the world competition in August, but like many high school seniors, she's thinking about college.

"I'll be attending Texas Tech in the fall and I'm excited. I'm going to be in the powerlifting club there, and I can't wait to meet new people," she said.

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