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Sex Offender Gets Probation

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Convicted of molesting a 12-year-old boy, 28-year-old Sonja Childers pleaded with jurors for a lenient sentence. Her effort paid off. Five years probation.

"That doesn't sound right, not if she molested a child," said parent Glenn Allen.

Outside the courtroom, the logic of the sentence was lost. "I think that's too easy," said Kelly Morman. "She should have gotten the full 99 years," said Keisha Washington.

Parents, waiting to pick up their children outside the victim's former school, wondered if the sentence would have been so light if the perpetrator had been a man. "I think it is a double standard," said Allen. "I think if she had been a man she'd have gotten more," said Washington. "More than likely, if she'd been a man she'd be gone, and she should be as a woman," added Allen.

Two witnesses who testified against Childers expressed shock over the sentence. Declining to appear on camera, they echoed the sentiment of double standard. Despite the slap on the wrist, the prosecutor remained positive. "Regardless of what the sentence is, that we got a sex offender off the streets and is now recognized by citizens of Lubbock county and wherever else she travels then that's a win," said Assistant District Attorney Will Boyles.

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