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Local comic book artist finds inspiration in real-life superhero

A local comic book writer is back in town for the Lubbock Art Festival, and one of his new comics features a real life superhero that has touched the hearts of thousands nationwide.

We've all seen the common heroes—Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, X-Men and of course Superman—but in April a new hero was born when 13-year-old Erik Martin of Seattle was granted a wish from the Make A Wish Foundation.

Erik is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that doctors say is untreatable and incurable, but his one wish was to live out his alter ego Electron Boy for a day; a day where instead of battling cancer he would battle his nemesis Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy defeating the evil villains in front of hundreds.

"I read the story in the Seattle Times and it just really touched me with what we can do using our imagination to overcome our bodies failing on us," said Rob Bass, comic book writer.

Bass, a Lubbock native, didn't waste any time after seeing Erik's heartwarming story. In an effort to keep Electron Boy's adventures alive he created a comic book just for Erik called, you guessed it, Electron Boy.

"I love comic books; it's what I want to do. It took me about 24 hours of processing the story to say wait a minute… I can take my abilities and my talent that I love doing anyway and actually make a difference," said Bass.

In a ten page comic book Bass recreated Erik's wish of fighting evil villains and then presented the comic to him in person. "We flew up and gave him ten copies. They're just a beautiful family and took us in. It was just an amazing experience," said Bass. "He was pretty speechless, you know, just the wonder on his face. He was pretty blown away."

Erik's one wish, a selfless one, made him a hero in more ways than one.  "He's still going. He has energy, but its rise and fall. He's just holding on and he's a sweet kid," said Bass.

Every copy of Electron Boy is $5 with all proceeds going to the Martin Family to help pay for Erik's medical bills. So far the comic book has raised more than $1,000.

To buy a copy of Electron Boy and to read the comic (click here.)

To become a Facebook fan of Electron Boy (click here.)

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