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Development in Lubbock Takes a Drastic Turn-To the Northwest

In a ground breaking ceremony Monday morning, city business leaders came together in what will be one of the largest developmental projects the northwest part of the city has seen in a long time.

For decades Lubbock's growth has moved Southwest, but that's all about to change.

Construction is well underway here in northwest Lubbock. It may not look like much now but in a couple of months dozens of homes will be built in what will be Lubbock's newest development.

"It's the first project in many many years that has taken place on the north side of town. The new project is located in what will be known as north point. It's 543 acres of land just west of Quaker,  an area that has only seen development in recent months, with the Heart Hospital and Northstar Surgical Center. But Delbert Mcdougal says living in this part of Lubbock has clear advantages.

"When you're seven minutes from Texas Tech and nine minutes from downtown compared to what you are now from southwest it's just a long way out," says McDougal.

The new project will include 1,700 new homes, three apartment complexes, a city park and a new elementary school. A school, that LISD Superitendent Wayne Havens hopes will offset the district's declining enrollment. "It gives us the opportunity to keep our students gives us families and students another option for housing if they are looking for that in LISD."

Randy Henson, Senior Building Planner for the City of Lubbock, says the location is not only convenient but practical. "This development in the northwest we're attempting to find ways to create this rounded out community."

He says the growth to the southwest has been rapid, but expensive. "Everytime you extend services the water, sewer and the streets away from the center it's simply more expensive." Henson says growth in the northwest part of the city has been a long time coming. And Monday's grounbreaking suggests a positve trend for northwest Lubbock in the years to come.

The project is expected to take several years to complete and will not only include housing but a new business district with two large retail and commercial areas.

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