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Man's Death May Be Homicide

Just 42-years-old, Monte Blanton was buried on Monday. The father of two laid to rest one week after a brutal beating over $400.

His rendezvous with trouble started at Buffalo Wild Wings. On the evening of September 5th, Monte started playing pool with a stranger. After an hour, the man invited Monte to a blackjack game at his house. Monte accepted.

From his police report the best that Monte could recollect of where the blackjack game occurred was in the neighborhood of 63rd and Boston. Once in the house there were four or five other men all playing cards. Before long, Monte had lost $400. Out of money, the men offered him a line of credit. But when he lost another $400 and was unable to pay, things turned violent.

Six men, a simultaneous attack. Blows to the upper body, the head. A blur of brutality. When it was over, Monte heard the man he met at the bar tell the others to, "Dispose of him." Thrown into the bed of his pickup, he was discovered hours later in the parking lot of the Stone Lake Apartments.

Taken to the emergency room at UMC, admitted to the hospital, seven days later he was dead.

The cause of death will almost certainly be linked to the beating, barring the discovery of a pre-existing condition. Should that be the finding of the autopsy, authorities have already identified all six suspects.

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