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Food For Thought Report 4.14

Lubbock health inspectors surprised 55 local restaurants this past week and nine made the Food For Thought list, but not all are at the top.

The first stop at the bottom of the list is Chinese Kitchen at 5302 Slide Road. Inspectors cited them for seven critical violations.

-       Raw shrimp and tofu were stored above the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees.

-       Fried pork was more than 20 degrees below the required temperature.

-       Hot water had been turned off at a hand sink.

-       There were no paper towels.

-       An employee put gloves on without washing their hands first.

-       Cleaning items were not labeled.

-       Knives were in a dirty container. The owner told inspectors they were not used. Inspector advised management if items are not used then they shouldn't be stored in the kitchen.

According to the report, the violations were corrected while the inspector was at the restaurant.

The next low performer on the list is Linda's Cafe at 6201 West 19th Street. Inspectors found eight critical violations.

-       Beans were not cooling properly, which creates potential for bacteria to grow.

-       A hand sink was being used for purposes other than hand washing.

-       Employees were observed washing their hands in a sink not designated for hand washing.

-       Inspectors found expired cans of mushrooms.

-       Raw eggs were stored over vegetables, which poses a risk for cross contamination.

-       The dishwasher was not sanitizing so employees were instructed to wash by hand.

-       Inspectors found evidence of rodent droppings in an outdoor storage shed.

-       The report shows there was rodent bait in the shed, but not the kind approved to use around food.

Inspectors told management that an exterminator must come and treat the shed. The report shows the critical violations were addressed during the inspection, and over the phone the owner says the violations have been fixed.

Now to the top of the list, all 7 top performers know what it is like to be at the top.

Sonic at 1609 Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd skated to the top of the list with zero critical violations.

You can spice up your life with a little Cajun cuisine from repeat top performer Jazz, a Louisiana Kitchen at 3703 19th Street.

82nd Street Café at 3416 82nd Street locks in a perfect score.

It's Mediterranean perfection at Manara Café at 3806 50th Street.

A local hot spot is also back at the top, Moose Magoo's at 8217 University.

Ronnie's at 5206 82nd Street is back at the top cooking up your favorites.

From homemade cinnamon rolls and soups, Apple Tree Cafe & Bakery at 3501 50th Street serves up a perfect score.  

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