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The Split-Ender: Does It Work?

Blair Thacker is brave. We're going to test the Split-Ender on her hair. Blair has plenty of split-ends to chop off. We'll use the Split-Ender to end it all.

The Split-Ender is a hair chopping device that apparently knows to cut the ends. How it knows, it's beyond Phillip Vivial, the Owner of Lubbock Hair Academy and me."Just start on the root and go slow," Cecelia says to Phillip. If anything goes wrong, Phillip is to blame.

So, we took a close look at the first bunch of hair we cut. "Oh, I see one split end!" "Let me get another wack on it," said Phillip. Whoa! Easy there fella! Hey, there's still some split ends! But look at this, the Split-Ender is cutting the hair.

We were able to see quarter inch hair inside the catcher. That gave Phillip and me hope. We kept going and going.. I gave it a whirl and Blair gave it a whirl.

"Can you tell a difference?" asked NewsChannel 11. "No," said Phillip. Do you think her hair is so damaged we may not see a difference?" NewsChannel 11 asked. "I don't think it's that damaged," Phillip said.

"You're recommending that a hair stylist could take care of your split ends better than this?" NewsChannel 11 said. "I think so!"

Go get your hair cut by your hair stylist. I guess this is the end for The Split-Ender. It Doesn't Work

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