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The Triglyceride Test That May Save Your Life

There are lots of numbers women just know: their height, weight, dress size, and shoe size. But there is one number most women don't know that could reveal a lot about their health; their tryglyceride count.

Triglycerides are a fatty compound in the blood. Doctors are learning that too much of that in the blood is particularly dangerous to women when it comes to heart disease.

Cardiologist John Osborne says that no one feels badly with high triglycerides. There are no symptoms. The only way you know you have a problem is to get the test.

That test is just a blood test, the same as testing for cholesterol. Prevention Magazine calls it the "female heart test you gotta have." Women who are overweight, eat too many refined or simple carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta, and cakes, and even though your cholesterol count may be good, those eating habits mean you could have heart disease or high blood pressure and your triglyceride level could reveal that.

According the the National Institutes of Health, triglyceride levels are categorized like this:

  • Normal if your number is less than 150
  • Borderline if you're between 150 and 199
  • High if your count falls between 200 and 240

By the way, even though the prevention report was directed toward women, men should know that number too for more insight into their risk of heart disease. So, either way, if you haven't been checked, ask your doctor for a trigliceride test.

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