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A Survey to Protect The Tech Terrace Neighborhood

Could the Tech Terrace neighborhood be the next possible victim of "Slumville"?

"Texas Tech University has experienced phenomenal growth at the same time, it impacts our neighborhoods," said City Councilman Gary Boren.

Long-time Terrace resident, Marjorie Manning has seen lots of changes in her neighborhood for nearly 20 years. Especially the number of rental properties that are popping up like weeds and Manning says the problems keep on blooming in the area East of Boston and South of 19th Street.

"This is such a desirable place for rental property for students. Rentals lower property value," said Manning.

The City Council has decided to spend $75,000 to hire a master planner who knows something about neighborhoods. Their objective is to protect the Tech Terrace neighborhood from becoming another North Overton area. A neighborhood that fell apart due to drugs and slum lords.

Boren doesn't want that to happen. "We need to do what we can to keep their homes's values up, better code enforcement, better police protection, protect aging houses," said Boren.

Manning says she's thrilled the city is planning this study, because she says neighbors work very hard to keep the neighborhood a pleasant place to live.

Texas Tech has nearly 2,000 more students enrolled this year, than last year and city planners say the study will more than likely begin in six months.

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