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Lubbock or Bust! - Via the Internet

The Clark Family The Clark Family
The Clark Family The Clark Family

Stacy Clark is stuck in the sunshine state. "Am I homesick? Unbelievably so," she said.

A year ago, she and her two kids, Trevor and Kira, moved to Florida to shake things up. "I thought I wanted a really big change of pace, in fact I did want a change of pace," she said. As far as she was concerned, Lubbock could disappear in a dust storm. "When I left Lubbock I said I'd never want to go back," she said.

But striking out on her own brought with it a stark reality. "I'm alone here, I mean literally all alone," she lamented. So now, 12 months later, there's a for sale sign in her front yard and a website on the internet. " ," she touted.

Her house is on the market, but so far..."The only offer I've had on it I'd take a really bad hit," she said. She's afraid she won't be able to recoup her down payment. "Just my down payment is all I want," she said. So she's soliciting advice, and prayers, and donations online. With that, she's hoping to be able to pack up and move back to the Hub City. "My family's all there," she said.

Her family, and the little things that make home, home. "Prairie dogs, I miss the prairie dogs. And Fuddruckers, I miss it so much. Real BBQ and real Mexican," she chirped. And UMC, the hospital where she beat cancer. "I don't know, it's just nice to know that if something were to that dumb?" she asked.

Longing for home is never dumb, and with Stacy Clark's ingenuity, Pensacola will soon give way to prairie dogs.

To log onto Stacy's website just (click here).

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