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Fun at the South Plains Fair

"Get your ice cold coke here! One dollar!" shouted the vendor.

The 86th Annual South Plains Fair has officially begun. Rides, animals, knick-knacks, and food. "Thousands of wieners and corn dogs," said Susan Maxwell. Her stand is selling corn dogs for the Ronald McDonald house. "I think we have the best ones, always fresh, never frozen," she smiled.

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But watch it, too many of those and Jim Phillips will be paying you a premature visit. "We may not be the most popular booth here," he said. He's from Resthaven Cemetery, talk about a hard sell. "We're trying to make it fun with candy and fans and stuff," he laughed.

Across the aisle, psychedelic, back-lit, religious scenes encourage moments of reflection. "So this is contemplative?" a reporter asked. "Yes, yes, yes," said an accommodating security guard.

Hoping to postpone the hereafter..."This will slow down a bullet," said Joanne Streller, with conviction. She's selling a film that bullet-proofs your windows. "Safe to say that if your windows look like this (riddled with bullets) you probably want to move soon?" asked a reporter. "Yes," laughed Streller.

Out in the barn, the petting zoo is full of activity. "The sheep is peeing, watch out for the sheep pee," warned a reporter to the children. Meantime, seven year-old Emily is less than impressed with the goats. "Do any of these goats talk?" asked the reporter. "No," she responded. "Well, that's boring," said the reporter. "Yes," agreed Emily. "Maybe next time they'll have the talking goats?" said the reporter. "Yes!" Emily nodded.

So come one, come all, because there's something for everyone at the fair.

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