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A GPS system that fights cancer

You may use a GPS in your car or phone to lead you to the right place.  Doctors are now using that system to lead them to the right spot to fight cancer. It's called the calypso system, and 68 year old, Dennis Deiseneroth, is hoping this new GPS technology will lead him to a life free of prostate cancer.

Dr Al V. Taira said, "With the calypso system there are little GPS beacons in the prostate, and ten times a second we ping them, so we can know where the prostate is."

During treatment, the prostate often moves, so in the past, radiation was delivered to a large area, which was to make sure the tumors were hit.    However, using the GPS technology, if there is any movement, the system sounds an alert that the radiation is off course. Then, by redirecting treatment to the right spot, which surrounds organs, including the bladder, are spared from unnecessary radiation.

After 23 sessions, Dennis says he is active as always, and feeling no side effects.  He still has about 20 more sessions to go.  It's a lengthy process, but a new treatment option for some who choose radiation to fight their cancer.

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