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Fire destroys memories in Hale County home

Wednesday, landowners in Hale County got their first look at their old house destroyed in Tuesday's fire.

No one was living there, but the house was far from empty. The home had been standing since the 1940s. Flames didn't just take down a house but generations of memories.

Yvette Ellison is a family friend of the Haneys who own the two homes that burned.

"When we saw this on the news last night, this could have just happened to us as well. But we didn't have a home or memories like they have here," Ellison said.

Ellison told us she watched Tom Haney grow up on the land that is now black. Haney was too shaken up to go on camera, but she said it was a difficult time for the family.

"It was so disheartening because I knew there were so many memories out here from his childhood. I know he had BB guns and 22's and he ran this whole half section out here as a child," Ellison said.

Fires destroyed nearly 500 acres in three hours Tuesday.

"There were two vacant residential structures, three barns, a well house, and I don't know if the tractor was operational or not but there was a tractor that was lost in the fire, too," said Abernathy Fire Chief Kelly Vandygriff.

Abernathy, Petersburg, and Hale Center Volunteer Fire Departments responded just after 5 p.m. The fire wasn't contained until about 8:30.

Ellison owns land on both sides of the fires. She came out to survey the damage Wednesday when she found the Haneys doing the same thing.

"While we were walking by the barn I bent down and there was track from his Lionel Train Set from when he was little," Ellison said.

The Haneys and Ellisons appreciate the three volunteer departments who fought the fire. They hope others will support volunteers in one of the worst fire seasons in Texas history.

"The memories will never go away its just when you come back here now there's going to be nothing to look at," she said.

On Tuesday KCBD told you about the Lubbock Area Foundation setting up a fund for local volunteer departments. You can donate by (clicking here).

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