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Warwick Pleads Guilty; Receives 27 Year Sentence

He was on the run for 3 years before the law caught up with him, now 42-year-old Kenneth Warwick begins a 27 year sentence for a brutal murder.

The body of 31-year-old Paul Tolonen was found in June of 1999. According to court documents, witnesses said Warwick gave Tolonen $30 to buy crack cocaine, but Tolonen used the money to get high himself, angering Warwick. That's when he took Tolonen to Mackenzie Park, slit his throat, and dumped the body.

"I was there the day that they found Paul's body. We struggled for 3 years, not having a clue who might be responsible for his death, and that's extremely frustrating," said Matt Powell, Assistant District Attorney. "It took some folks stepping up and doing the right thing."

Warwick was arrested in Lubbock last July. Since then, efforts to recover the murder weapon have been unsuccessful. Despite the arrest, the victim's family feared Warwick would never be brought to trial. "Many cities in this country would not have even gone forward with the lack of evidence that there was. The would have said there is no case. It's not worth it," said Bobbi Tolonen, the victim's mother. "I'm very pleased."

Warwick was asked if he had a comment for the media. He said, "I did the right thing."

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