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Drought affects horse rescue in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Farmers and firefighters aren't the only ones struggling because of the drought.Lubbock County brings neglected, starving, and wandering horses to the Gypsy Heart Horse Ranch for rehabilitation. The fields are home to sixteen horses. Some are fully recovered, but others have large patches of missing hair, hardly any meat on their visible bones, and eyes that haven't yet found the joy owner Ramona Foxworth hopes to restore.

"One of my fears is not having food to feed our babies, our refugees" Foxworth says. Last year their field was thick with wheat for the recovering horses, but with no rain, the now dusty pastures lack the rich grass for them to graze on.

"I call them my ghost horses sometimes because they have one foot in life and one foot in death" Foxworth says. The ranch works to ensure all four of their feet are set securely in recovery.

Lubbock hasn't seen significant rainfall since last October which means some horses survival depends entirely on the ranch's pocketbook. Four bales of hay will only last them ten days.

"When people just give up on them and starve them, they don't want to live. When they get here and everyone wants them to live, you see that light come back in their eyes and it's so awesome. I never want to turn any of them away," Foxworth says. This is a fear that continues to grow when each sick horse eats close to sixteen hours a day.

"It makes me very happy to be able to save them and make them adoptable to someone who really wants them" Foxworth says. The ranch has saved more than sixty horses, and because of the drought it needs help to keep those numbers growing. With no natural food there for the horses, the Gypsy Heart Horse Ranch asks for donations of food or even of your time to come out and show the horses you care. For more information about ways you can help, [click here].

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