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The Auto Vent: Does It Work?

There's nothing like getting in a hot car after it's been parked for a couple of hours. But wouldn't it be nice if there was a device that could help keep your car cooler while you're not in it? NewsChannel 11 may have the answer for you.

The product is called the Auto Vent. It has a price tag of $ 30. The 'Turbo Blade' fan is supposed to vent out stale, hot air, and draw in fresh, cooler air fast! Sounds good, but Does it Work?

You see, the Auto Vent works off the sun. It's solar powered. The installation was easy. Just slip it on your window using the plastic seals. When we roll it up, it's sealed tight. The solar panel is on the inside of the car facing the outside.

On the Auto Vent itself, there was a sort of over hang on the window that looked like the actual vent. After the installation, we ran into a little problem.. The turbo blade was not turning! Because the solar panel needs direct sunlight to work, we had to move the vehicle. "Now, it's working!"

We waited two hours before seeing if the Auto Vent worked.

Meanwhile inside another vehicle, we took it's temperature for 15 minutes. I was 110 degrees. Then we tested the temperature inside the SUV where we were doing our test. We put the same thermometer in the testing vehicle for 15 minutes. And the temperature never went down. It was hotter in the SUV than the car with no vent!

Turbo blade my foot! If you buy this, you're wasting 30 bucks. Because it doesn't work.

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