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Aspirin a Day Could Save Your Life

Elda Jones is 83, and for the last 30 years, she has been taking an aspirin a day. And she's never had a heart attack. Maybe she's just lucky.

But after studying hundreds of people like Elda, rsearchers at Mount Sinai Medical Center have decided that aspirin is even more beneficial today than it appeared initially. That a baby aspirin a day can reduce the risk of a first heart attack by up to 32%.

In the past, studies have shown aspirin can prevent heart attacks in patients who have already suffered one. But new studies like this one are adding more evidence that a daily baby aspirin can work as well in preventing a first heart attack, even in people who are high risk.

"That means that if somebody has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, they are inactive, they smoke, they are diabetic, they really should be on aspirin and it will prevent it will reduce the risk of heart attack significantly," says Dr. Gervacio Lamas, cardiologist.

While the Mount Sinai study promotes the benefits of a baby aspirin a day, there are some who just can't handle aspirin. So, be sure to talk to your doctor first before starting aspirin therapy.

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