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Two Suspects Still at Large in Wells Fargo Bank Robbery

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Police are still searching for two suspects who robbed the Wells Fargo Bank inside the United at 50th and Ave Q. The man who robbed the bank and the woman who drove the getaway car.

Lubbock Police say at around 10:30 Thursday morning, a man entered the Wells Fargo branch inside United on 50th street and Avenue Q demanding money. "He demanded cash from the teller. The teller complied with the request gave him an undetermined about of cash," says Lubbock Police Investigator, Tony Gribben.

Jack Haning witnessed the event first hand. And says the suspect spoke rapidly and in a threatening manner. "I was standing at the counter. I was getting ready to give the young lady some money for a deposit. A black African male approached. He basically told her he wanted 100's and 20's. And he kept injecting a lot of profanity in to the same thing as he was he kept threatening to shoot somebody. He kept gesturing to the right side in a way you would if you had a possible weapon on him."

Haning says the clerk handed over the money without hesitation as her associate notified police. "She very calmly gathered up the money. He pulled out a yellow bag from his right pocket, a plastic bag. He then took the money, he left then turned as he turned it appeared in his waistband underneath his white shirt, it appeared the profile of an automatic. So in my opinion he was armed."

Police Sergeant Tony Gribben says there are striking similarities between this robbery and the one that occurred on Labor Day at the American State branch inside the Albertson's at 50th and Indiana. The suspect fit the description; wearing a ball cap, windpants, with a similar build.

"We'll be checking with the photographs that we get from this bank robbery, with the other ones and seeing if we can make a match on that. It does look very similar at this point though," says Gribben.

Lubbock police say since Thursday morning's robbery at 50th & Avenue Q, the suspect has struck again. This time at an Amarillo National Bank branch inside a United in Amarillo. That happened around 1:30 in the afternoon. The suspect and suspect vehicle both matched the descriptions given in the Lubbock robbery.

If you have any information about this robbery, you are urged to call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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