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With the help of students, Post Volunteer Fire Dept. able to purchase new trucks


Since the federal government is not stepping in to fund the wildfire damage, a local elementary school decided to do it themselves. In less than a month Post Elementary School students raised $26,383.60.

They wanted to help when they heard the Post Volunteer Fire Department was struggling after recent wildfires.  

"We were getting in a real bind. We would get our trucks back up and going, then we would get called out again," said Les Looney, Post Volunteer Fire Department Chief.

In fact, these are the kids' heroes, who put their lives on the line to help save their town.

"We felt bad for them because they had three fires in all different places," said Brooke Blair, a Post Elementary School student.

Penny by penny the students raised money selling lemonade, Easter eggs and bracelets.

"We just asked people that we knew," said Blair.

They were able to raise more than they ever imagined. What started as a sandwich bag full of pennies totaling $68.00, is now thousands of dollars.

"They go out and fight fires all the time, and this is our way of saying thank you," said Blair.

So the fire department wanted to give back by surprising the students and thanking them for their support. With the money that was raised, the volunteer fire department was able to buy three new water trucks

"When you see the kids and they do what they do, it makes you feel good, because you don't know when you're an influence on somebody's life," said Looney.

The fire department is also honoring the kids by letting them name the new trucks that they purchased with the money raised.

"These kids have even shown adults how not to be selfish and how to think of others more than yourself. So, it's really touching," said Looney.

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