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Second rally for motorcycle awareness starts Saturday at 10 a.m.

Hundreds of motorcyclists are expected to ride through the Hub City for the second See Us, Save Us rally on Saturday.

Lubbock Police say 8 bikers were killed on city roads last year. Rally participants hope their ride will raise awareness and lower fatalities.

Saturday morning the parking lot at the South Plains Mall will be filled with Motorcyclists from all over the region. Riders say with better weather more of them on the roads, but they want everyone to be safe.

"We want people to live and enjoy their lives and enjoy their bikes," said See Us, Save Us committee member Molly Harris.

Every fatal motorcycle accident, except one involved another vehicle last year. In November, a rally was held to remind drivers to look twice for people on motorcycles.

"With there only being 3 motorcycle fatal [accidents] so far this year and they don't involve other vehicles hopefully that's a sign people are paying more attention to motorcyclists out there," said Lubbock Police Lt. Jon Caspell.

That's the goal of See Us, Save Us; paying more attention.

"We expected about 200 bikes last year we ended up with about 1,000," Harris continued. We're expecting about 1,000 and we're praying for even more."

Registration begins at the mall at 8:00 a.m. At 10, they will ride out in groups as reminders of how many will be on the road as better weather approaches.

"We'll let them out at about 15 or 20 bikes per exit so it's not bombarded. The goal is to have bikes all over town at one time so you just see them everywhere," Harris said.

"Folks need to be aware in summer months more motorcycles will be on the road and in consequence people need to be aware of what's going on around them," said Lt. Caspell.

Police say to lower your speed, check your blind spots, and don't follow motorcycles or any other vehicle too closely, because you have less reaction time.

While the rally aims to promote awareness for motorists, riders understand it's a two way street.

"No one's perfect. We make mistakes. Just learn to control your speed some, pay attention just as well as the car people have to pay attention the bike people need to pay attention as well," Harris said.

"It's really just being aware of surroundings. Take a second look when it comes to looking for motorcyclists," said Caspell.

Riders will go on two routes around the city and meet at Huneke Park at noon for a service remembering fallen riders.

Families are invited to spend the afternoon at Buffalo Springs Lake for live music and food.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 will have a crew on scene to cover the rally.

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