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Take a Look at the AKC Show from a Dog's Eye View

The American Kennel Club wrapped up its four day dog show at the Civic Center Sunday.

At the Lubbock Civic Center on Sunday, a room full of competition. Show dogs from across the nation compete for the title of "Best In Show."

Judging the Dogs at the AKC Show
When judging a dog show, absolutely everything counts. This year's AKC dog show is no exception.
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"We came here from FortWorth," said one dog owner. But for some, getting to the big ring was more of a journey.

"I took him to Westminster in February in New York, and on my way back home he got out of my van and the guest at the hotel ran him off. 63 days later we found him," said Gavin's owner.

Gavin is a four year-old Irish Wolfhound.

"This is his first show since I got him back."

So, how did Gavin do? Well, first you have to understand how the process works.

"They get points for the number of dogs they defeat and then they're ranked nationally based on the number of dogs they defeat," said Vinnie's owner.

Vinnie is an Old English Sheep Dog.

Vinnie was ranked top ten in the nation. On Sunday, they hope to get that title back. But to win those points, they have to impress the judges.

"A lot of brushing. Brush, brush, brush!"

And it takes a little more work to keep Vinnie clean.

"We're at the show, we keep the booties on them so that they will stay white."

So while Vinnie gets groomed, Gavin goes to the stage.

Towering 32 inches tall, he struts the catwalk of runways made for our four legged friends.

Now in the herding round, it's Vinnie's turn. And while every dog has its day, Vinnie and Gavin will have to wait for theirs.

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